Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heading to Guatemala to continue sailing the Caribbean.  The 24th I fly to Guat. City and go to the east  coast, and sail north.  Should be some spear fishing, diving, and some fun times

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the States

Hey been back in the U.S. for a bit, but being on the grind I forgot to update and let everyone know that I am safe and sound in San Francisco. Life is good. Boat is still in Guatemala so adventure could resume but for the time being I am somewhat still. I will get the newer pics up soon
much love

Monday, May 16, 2011

Setting Sail

At Dawn a motley crew will be setting sail from Florida to the Dry Tortugas, then Havana, along the northern coast of Cuba, and on to Isla Mujeres, Mex. I will update the blog then
Much love from the sea and will update asap.
Pictures to follow
Wish us Luck


Not too many pics from Colombia, that must assure readers it was a great time. I feel a duty to be an agent for tourism in Colombia! GO! It was soooo beautiful! People were great, and food good, but most of all PEOPLE were so amazing! Second best place I have ever been! I could live there! Thanks for all the love Colombia!

The second greatest place I have ever been! Sorry El Salvador, you are great too but this is another level. People soooooo nice, reasonably cheap, everything is beautiful, oh and did I mention the people were Amazing! Do not believe the hype it was really safe and great!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leon, Nicaragua to San Jose, Costa Rica

Rochelle and Sonja joined in for their first baseball game.

Not one T.V., concessions were un-sactioned, and tickets were a whopping 45 cents!

After yelling in Spanish, Shiiiit, this is baseball! I'm yellin' in English!

#21 You Are A Lazy F@#$ says Craig! (#21) Homey is from Illinois. Awesome! He was super L A Z Y

Yes there are billboards at the field, but... check out the tree, oh my god copyright infringers!

OK... So..Not my words but...(not that i disagree either) "Bush's genocide is the enemy of humanity.
at this point we were in Leon, Nicaragua. It was the leftist capital during the compicated and violent history of the last 100 years including U.S. envolvement notably as the Iran Contra Scandal with Oliver North during the '80's so historical validity will vary-

This one is first and top second but not seeming to meld but be two statements. Quite literally this says "Death to Imperial Invadors!"

A bit of a different feel at the side of Lagna asososca, but you will never find this crater lake on a map! there are two in the same area, but super sweet. We needed to so we drank the water but the cows were shitting in it, ooh spicy.

sandal ad EX.1

Mural inside the revolution museum showing patriots

I was with a pretty girl so we were shown the roof of the former presidential palace the views were stunning!

main square Leon, Nicaragua

Sad ass wall in the Museum
FSLN is the fuerza (force). Sandanista (the named after a man called sandino). Liberacion (liberation). Nacional (national) Current president's socialist party in Nicaragua.
his name is Daniel Ortega. He seems to spend money on ads instead of the people. Much as I saw in Cuba according to these so called socialists.
Social= of the people

Tacky ass taped poster of fidel and che in '59 taped to the wall in the museum of the revolution in Leon.

One of the main murals in Leon, it is pretty complex and i hate to say it, trippy!

Part II

Carlos Fonseca, this homey assassinated an opposition leader during some tough times, now national hero says he died during skirmish and is awesome, more or less

tags around town- super kool

this one says "for liberty we are fighting and today we turn to defend it"

Showing backstage looks at the CIA

this one has no political significance, but made me laugh

Craig dropped this amazing pasta and talapia 365

Self proclaimed craig: "happiest man on earth"

Oh, you know random runn of the mill campsite in Nicaragua

This was an abandon highway to the capital and the good part was shown with tar, so one way a guy could still use it at very high speeds! but for then it was only super slow me! all the road for ME!

Nice view at 6 am

Scenes lookin dry on the flats

towns all have one thing!

This is wher I almost vomited. This is the side of a boat. I have been on boats my whole life yet never, well until recently never been sea sick before, Technically still ok but blurry. And only a lake with strong winds. but extremely severe, the lake Lake Nicaragua. A huge lake that is home to 3m bull sharks, the only place they exist. Also huge lake that was first pick for mid america shipping canal, this produced interesting history.

here is craig cooking 25lbs of fresh (squealing 1hr ago) pork tenderloin and ribs; it was epic. Maybe we over did it, we meant no disrespect to the locals who hosted us, we just wanted to rock! Jason ate meat too! and local winos hung out to get scraps. craig and jason hooked up argentine fire with one f0r cooking and one for making coals. super rad. oh and this is were we were camped on the shores with no mosquitos on the island of ometepe in Nicaragua



Wino and dog who both actually stole from me

ahhh relax...

This place is really nice, good espresso too!

fast one way slow the other

THIS became routine!

Just about to get dinner, no big deal.

on pacific coast Nicaragua this is ometepe's main volcano
but you can not see it only clouds

Lots of alt. energy in Nicaragua, steam, geothermic, solar, and wind. mmmmm. good work
however a lot of signs were around the geothermal plants saying Venizuela paid for the plants

Tame lake Nicaragua

Hello expensive Costa Rica

I want to hate on Costa Rica so bad, but mostly in defense of other places. i really have no gripe but the cost and too much tourism, all other things are just semantical really . but landscape is crazy nice

that is playa narajo. 13 k from this pic and most as you can see steeply down!

eaten turtle on the narajo beach. this thing was HUGE!~

What am i a marine biologist

nice easy off road with TONS of howler monkeys

there is one

Fire! scared me shitless this was huge and HOT

I slept here and was surrounded by hermit crabs, seriously everywhere

average part of this day's trail. following some truck with four jet skis, welcome to Costa Rica
oh and spooky amount of monkeys here. whoa.

Howler monkey

Pay phone in the middle of nowhere. NOWHERE!
and only takes special cards, Where the F%$# do i get those?!

Playa tamarindo best break oh my god goes for days from s to n

This is modern Costa Rica

No not quite San Francisco

sick 1/4 mile to Avellanita ( little hawaii) , this place was life altering, i really did not belive surf like this existed in the world, swear to god!

avellanita estuary

its a tough road in

some beach not so sick
actually camped here and the stupid tide rose so much i had to get up and move all my shit one night, it kinda sucked actually

Ooh good campsite I Swear I saw a green flash in costa rica

not really all its cracked up to be but a nice pic

this is a day breaker hill, so gnarley it makes you puke. it requires pushing mostly if you stop so go ahead just do NOT stop. looks flat but it is not,

a little break of color

On Sunday in San Jose they close of the main drag downtown to demonstrate and spread sporty activities etc. super awesome

View of SJ from outside

Nice beard homey

Craig obviously not feelin it

Dom and Village person #3 lookin tough

Craig starstruck by the BIGote

Rocked this Kitchen


Spare the details to say Filet con queso azul

cheating with butter and meat oh and cheese too, best thing i have ever made.